Truly stunning varied selection - current and original yet so evocative of years gone by - a true pleasure to have heard it
— Donald Strachen on the Radio
For me it is my 2017 Album of the Year and it will take a lot for any band to beat it.
— Pete Divine - Pete's Rock News and Views
Congratulations to the fabulous Freak Mythology on winning the 2017 Cincinnati’s Next Big Band contest.
— Rick's Tavern & Grille
Discovering Freak Mythology, a four piece from Cincinnati, is a refreshing breath of Americana-embedded alternative rock and roll.
— Charles Frank - The Jamwich Magazine
That’s the great thing about what I do, every once in a while you get to hear that band that just ‘clicks’. Freak Mythology clicks.
— Pete Divine - Pete's Rock News and Views
The record features shuffling drums that you can’t help but nod to, clever guitar and bass riffs, and tight vocals.
— Abby Kruthoffer - The Indie Sound