going on tour is tough.

Between purchasing a vehicle with enough room for 4 people plus all of our luggage, instruments, and any other thing we may want to have with us for ~25 days, there's also gas. Toll roads. Hotels. Food. Venue rental fees. Laundromats. Entertainment for over 80 hours of driving. Car insurance & emergency maintenance funds. License plates. A trailer to actually have room for ourselves in our vehicle. The fees to start an LLC. Plus more we're sure we haven't even thought of yet! We plan to use these funds to back ourselves while we embark on this 15 city, 25 day, 5,000 mile trip across the midwest & east coast.

To say the least, this is a huge goal for us. Since we started this music endeavor in 2012, we've dreamed of this. Between recording and releasing our first album, winning the Cincinnati's Next Big Band Competition in 2017 & then the Madison Theater Band Challenge in April of 2018, we haven't set a goal for ourselves we haven't hit and we don't want to stop now!

We won $2,500 in the Madison Theater Band Challenge which we will use as a down payment on a tour van. We've booked the tour dates, so the next step is insuring that we make it the whole way without our van breaking down or our equipment getting damaged or stolen. The funds not used on tour will go towards the recording costs of our sophomore album!

If you're reading thus far, we thank you for checking out our Kickstarter campaign. We'd love to have your support in something that we have put so much time & effort into! You're the ones the keep us going!!!

Tour goal: $5,000

  • To pay for transportation, gas, lodging, + miscellaneous expenses (listed at top of description)

1st stretch goal: $10,000

  • To pay for transportation, gas, lodging, + miscellaneous expenses (listed at top of description)
  • Recording costs for album #2
  • Better equipment

2nd stretch goal: $15,000

  • To pay for transportation, gas, lodging, + miscellaneous expenses (listed at top of description) 
  • Better equipment
  • Recording costs for album #2 
  • Mastering costs for album #2
  • A start on legitimate album distribution
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Freak mythology

For me it is my 2017 Album of the Year and it will take a lot for any band to beat it
— Pete Divine - Pete's Rock News and Views

About the band

Freak Mythology was formed in 2012 as a psychedelic and funk pop rock experiment in Cincinnati, Ohio.

They bring you back to better days with their youthful energy and modern twist and a classic sound. Adding grooves to this sense of nostalgia, their elements of funk and blues guitar, poppy harmonious vocals, and heavy drums is not only catchy, but heavy in it’s own confidence of sound. This sound has earned them an Album of the Year award from UK Rock Blogger Pete Divine, a slot in 2017 and a 2018 return offer to play at Hippie Fest Music & Arts Festival, 1st place in the Cincinnati’s Next Big Band competition, 1st place in the famous Madison Theater Band Challenge, song placement in a short film by award winning director Martin Neveu, and placement onto the top local radio stations in Cincinnati amidst numerous college stations across the country.


Influenced by a wide array of genres, Freak Mythology mixes the weird pop grooves of the Talking Heads with the jazz-fusion style of Herbie Hancock and professional jam band approach of the Grateful Dead. This creates a rock ’n' roll sound that has been described as "so wonderfully familiar and timeless yet absolutely fresh, and not in any way a lame attempt to simply replicate the sounds from years gone by” by music blogger Donald Strachen. 


In April of 2017, they released their self-titled debut record which focused around the concept of change. Songs like 'House Arrest', ‘Haunting Me’, and ‘Wake Up’ describe feelings of confinement, uneasiness, and unrest in a friendly way that takes the listener to a place that not only invites them to keep on listening, but also births a subliminal connection between themselves and the song. ‘Surge' captivates in a way that can only be described by the title of the song, a surge of energy that puts you in the eye of a violent storm sets the stage for the first major change in the album; a dramatic segue between the confining first half of the record and the liberating second half. Songs like 'Get Goin’’, ‘Headed Out’, and ‘Where Does the Time Go’ show elements of the musical maturity in Freak Mythology, showcasing not only the intense dynamics and complex abilities of the members but also the deeper meanings that are created within these rock anthems. 


Freak Mythology is making their way to the mainstream eye one step at a time, playing their music around the midwest and furthering the reach of their sound. Frontman Brad Wehlitz, guitarist Ryan Shephard, bassist Caroline Joseph, and percussionist Travis Hanna leave listeners with a message and a smile on their face.

Brad Wehlitz / Lead Vocals, Guitar

Ryan Shephard / Vocals, Guitar

Caroline Joseph / Vocals, Bass

Travis Hanna / Percussion