Freak mythology

For me it is my 2017 Album of the Year and it will take a lot for any band to beat it
— Pete Divine - Pete's Rock News and Views

About the band


Formed in late 2012, members Brad Wehlitz, Travis Hanna, Ryan Shephard, and bass player Caroline Joseph blend together a mixture of funky blues rock'n'roll and psychedelia creating an abstract yet punchy sound. They've been voted "Cincinnati's Next Big Band" of 2017 and have recorded one studio album.

The members of Freak Mythology all started to make music a huge part of their life at a very young age. Brad and Ryan met each other in elementary school, immediately connecting through music, and a short time after they both came to meet drummer Travis Hanna. Experimental jam sessions gave way to the idea of Freak Mythology. Basement psychedelia, influences of funk, jazz, and blues, and a drive to make something different while still making a genuine connection with people, spawned a sound that imitates the classic feel of rock & roll in a whole new way. After five long years of writing and perfecting their music, Freak Mythology finally finished up in the studio released their first album on April 7th, 2017. The album is a testimony to the concept of movement, change, and the experience that comes with it. Let it take you for a trip, track to track, and you'll hear a story about entrapment, confusion, motivation, and action. After this release they have been gaining attention around the Midwest after playing numerous large shows and music festivals such as Hippie Fest.

 Freak Mythology is still currently playing shows around the Midwest and is in the process of writing their second album.

Lead Vocals, Guitar / Brad Wehlitz
Vocals, Guitar / Ryan Shephard
Vocals, Bass / Caroline Joseph
Percussion / Travis Hanna




Congratulations to the fabulous Freak Mythology on winning the 2017 Cincinnati’s Next Big Band contest.
— Rick's Tavern & Grille
For me it is my 2017 Album of the Year and it will take a lot for any band to beat it.
— Pete Divine - Pete's Rock News and Views
Discovering Freak Mythology, a four piece from Cincinnati, is a refreshing breath of Americana-embedded alternative rock and roll.
— Charles Frank - The Jamwich Magazine
The record features shuffling drums that you can’t help but nod to, clever guitar and bass riffs, and tight vocals.
— Abby Kruthoffer - The Indie Sound
That’s the great thing about what I do, every once in a while you get to hear that band that just ‘clicks’. Freak Mythology clicks.
— Pete Divine - Pete's Rock News and Views